Colourpop It’s My Pleasure palette

Aaaaah Colourpop. They can’t and won’t stop, can they? Release after release after release. I can’t keep up with them. However, I did pick up one of their recent palettes and tried to keep up with them. The It’s My Pleasure palette review is here!

Purple palettes. I already had purple eyeshadows in my collection but a full monochromatic purple palette? Nope. However, Colourpop made sure to give us one. Purple is personally one of my favourite colours to use on my eyes. I just like the way it looks and blends but it’s also one of the hardest colours to make. The It’s My Pleasure palette retails for $12 which is approximately €10. Colourpop says this palette will be your new guilty pleasure with rich jewel tones, insane metallic finishes and THE palette for purple monochromatic looks.


The packaging is quite nice. I like the monochromatic purple look and the size of the palette. It has a nice mirror which is handy in any palette really. You get nine shades of which 5 shimmers and 4 mattes. One of the mattes has shimmer in it though.


The colour scheme is really cohesive and beautiful. It’s a well-rounded palette with transitioning shades and darker shades. Also, some beautiful variety with the shimmers. I wish Do or Dough or Bare Minimum was a different shade. They’re a bit too similar on the eyes and I would have loved a lighter/brighter shimmer shade to really make a look pop. An inner corner shade, you know?


The mattes are absolutely stunning. I was pleasantly surprised to see the darkest shades blend beautifully. Truly stunned. Even Sleeper blended without a problem. The shimmers are quite loosely pressed and therefore very soft. I feel like they are very crumbly and have a lot of fall-out. But saying that, they do pack a punch. Especially Mr. Sandman, even though that’s the crumbliest of the bunch. These shadows do stain a little bit but are otherwise easy to remove.


BeFunky-collage (2)DSC_1030

That’s it for the review on the It’s My Pleasure Palette! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think of this palette and the look?
Lots of love and see you next time!

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