My First Q&A: Get To Know Me

Hey loves,
Today’s post is a special one for everyone who wants to get to know me!

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post asking if my dear readers wanted to provide me with some questions for my q&a video. Blogging, makeup and my bucketlist. Those were a few of the subjects that you guys wanted to know about me. So, today I decided to address them. Definitely watch the video on my youtube channel if you’re really curious about a few subjects about my life. Don’t forget to subscribe and give the video a like or comment. It would mean the world to me!

Also a special thanks to the following people for giving me some lovely questions!

So, that wraps up today’s blog post. Definitely let me know if you want to see a part two of this Q&A and if I should be even more personal. If you have questions for the second part, leave them down below!

Lots of love and see you next time!

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Belgian girl who is 20 years young and has discovered a passion for blogging a few years ago. I love to write reviews on various items of makeup and skincare, ranging from affordable to high-end. I also love making looks on Instagram!

7 thoughts on “My First Q&A: Get To Know Me

  1. Just watched the video, love your personality lovely. I never though that you are 1.49, I’m 20 cm higher than you. I kinda thought that you were tall, Idk why hehe. Love the Catrice Volume lip booster, I’m wearing it every single day literally. Of course Catrice liquid camouflage is a staple, such a great formula. Need to try that NYX brow pencil, I don’t own anything from NYX a part from soft mat lip cream. You were so sweet to me, love ya too girl, my fave blogger friend. xx

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    1. Awww, thank you so much dear. So many compliments in one text. It’s going to make me cry! 😛 I really recommend the NYX brow pencil. It’s really good. Sweet people deserve sweet compliments! Xx

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